Keep Our CSA Running Smoothly

As we begin another year, we would like to review some guidelines for our CSA. If you are a long time member, or just starting with your first CSA box, we need your help in the following ways…

1. Please bring your own container to carry your produce home. Leave our green plastic ‘Stop Waste’ box at the site.  If we deliver your CSA box to your home or work place, please make sure that all of our boxes are returned to the farm.

2. Pick up your box only during the hours listed on our web site and sign-in sheet. These are the hours that the host has set. We do not guarantee the boxes past the designated pick-up times. No credit is issued if you arrive late to claim a box, but find none there.

3. Do not leave a mess! Please nest your empty CSA box with the others.

4. Park in designated parking spots. Do not double park and do not block driveways.

5. Direct your questions to Full Belly, not to the host. Please don’t disturb the host.

6. Please notify us five days in advance if you would like to defer your box.

7. Please sign the sheet when you pick up your box. The list will help you to remember if you are picking up a Grey Box (with special order items) rather than a Green Box.  Additionally, if someone forgets to pick up their box, it will be easy for the host to identify that person if all the people who remember to pick up their box have signed the sheet.

8. If you have already set up an account with us, you can use it to manage your schedule, your credit card and your renewals.  You can also use your on-line account to auto-renew specific orders.  If you have not set up an on-line account yet, and would like to do so, drop us an email and we will send you your account key.

Thank You – We appreciate your help!