This Week’s CSA Box

Veggie Tips 

Green Beans:  See our Recipe of the Week.  


Armenian Cucumbers: The queen of cucumbers!  Thin skin and no bitterness.


Peaches: We are harvesting White Ladies (white-fleshed peaches) and two varieties of yellow-fleshed peaches called Suncrest and 49ers.  They are all delicious.


Garlic:  This will store well on your counter — no need to refrigerate.


Melon: Lots of varieties are coming in.  In the boxes might be a Goddess (an ambrosia-type), Galia (green, aromatic flesh) or Honeyloupe (an orange fleshed honeydew).


Sweet Peppers: These can be used in many different ways.  This week’s box is perfect for a summer salad — peeled and roasted sweet peppers (this can be done over a gas flame, in a broiler, or in a microwave) plus cucumbers and tomatoes.  The green beans (maybe blanched?) would go well too!


Potatoes:  Our recipe archive contains many recipes!


Tomatoes: We are going to send some Early Girls as well as heirlooms this week.