This Week’s CSA Box

Veggie Tips

Green Beans: If you would like to see how green beans are harvested commercially, check out this video.  The video merges into other green bean videos that are interesting as well. We harvest our green beans by hand.  Economists would say we are inefficient.  What do you think?


Eggplant: See the comments in News From the Farm and our Recipe of the Week.




Shallot: I am thrilled that we are growing shallots this year as I think that their flavor is more delicate and sweet.  They may not be strong enough for some dishes, but can be sprinkled raw on top of pizza or salad as they are milder than onions.  See our Recipe of the Week.


Jimmy Nardello Peppers:  These are our very favorite variety of sweet pepper.  They are red, but not hot an are the best frying pepper ever.


Potatoes:  I think this really IS the last time we will have potatoes for you until our next crop. See our Recipe of the Week.


Tomatoes:  See our Recipe of the Week.