This Week’s CSA Box

Veggie Tips

Napa Cabbage: See our Recipe of the Week. We have been chopping it into slivers and using it as a major component of our tacos. Sometimes we use a little bit of meat, and some sautéed green garlic or leek as the base. Other times we may use a bit of cheese.  We try to have lemon and lime on-hand in the kitchen since tacos are one of our quick and easy meals.

Carrots: They are at their very best this time of year.  Enjoy them while you can — we have a limited planting.

Red Daikon (Watermelon Radish): These can be sliced thinly and salted to soften.  After rinsing they can be eaten as a side, or diced and sprinkled onto salads.  Red daikon can also be roasted, or added to soups.

Navel Oranges:  They make really great juice!

Arugula:  Add it to your winter salad.

Red Russian Kale: Discard the thicker stems, or braise them to soften.  Chop the leaves coarsely and sauté them until they are soft and starting to change color.  While you are cooking them, add a little bit of a combination of tamari, cooking sake, broth or vinegar to keep them moist and tender.  Season them with salt and pepper to taste.

Lettuce:  The lettuce is probably one of the most tender greens in your box — It can suffer from the  winter cold and rain, but is a great base for a hearty winter salad.