This Week’s CSA Box

Veggie Tips 

Broccoli: Don’t forget that we have recipe archives on our web site that you can use to get cooking ideas for specific vegetables.  Our broccoli recipes include soups, salads, pasta and even broccoli bars! Also, use our Recipe of the Week.


Carrots: This might be a good week for Carrot Cake! Also, use our Recipe of the Week.


Oranges: Fresh-squeezed orange juice every morning is a great routine during citrus season.  If you would like additional oranges, you can order them as add-ons, either 5-lb ($9) or 10-lb bags ($16).


Green Garlic:  This is garlic before it has bulbed.  The entire plant has the taste of garlic, but it is much milder than when it is dried.


Bok Choy: A type of cabbage used in Asian recipes, often quickly stir-fried with garlic and ginger.


Dino Kale:  I imagine that greens like Dino Kale are a staple part of the winter diet of any Full Belly CSA member!  I hope that the great vegetables are keeping all of you very healthy this winter.


Potatoes: Of all the crops we grow, potatoes (all of the varieties combined) come in fourth in terms of revenue generation.  What do you think is #1?