Special Order Add-ons to Your Box

It is so easy to increase the amount of Full Belly in your life! CSA members can special order almost anything from our farm to be delivered to your pick-up site. Sorry, no Virginia Street special orders. If you would like to order the following items, please contact us at 800-791-2110 or csa@fullbellyfarm.com.

Safflower Oil –  $13 for 250mL  -OR-  $25 for 500mL 

Bone Broth – (Frozen Beef & Pork combination) – $15 per quart

Pie Dough – $5 per dough ball

Pizza Dough – $6 per dough ball

Candied Citrus Peel – $8 for a 4 oz. jar

Almonds –  Roasted $8/ half pound 

Walnuts – $12/ pound 

Bloody Butcher Cornmeal – $5/ 1.5 pounds

Quince Sauce – $10 for a 24-oz. jar (Like apple sauce it can be used on meat.)

Sun Dried Peaches – $6/ half pound

Sun Dried Tomatoes – $5/ quarter pound

Iraqi Durum Wheat Flour – $4/ 1.5 pounds

Iraqi Durum Wheat Berries – $4/ 2 pounds

Cotton Bags (11.5 x 12.5 inches) – $8 for 5 bags (includes sales tax)

Please place your order at least five days prior to your intended delivery date. 

Minimum order of $8.