Full Belly Treats Available!

The following items are available for shipping to your home or delivery to your CSA site or to one of our Farmers Markets.

Please call (530) 796-2214 or email your order. We will have your items sent to you in a jiffy! Prices do not include shipping and handling. We ship through the US Postal Service. (Please note: Some items not available for shipping.)

CSA Members: If you want to special-order any of the following items, we will deliver them to most pick-up sites. Sorry no deliveries to the Virginia St, Berkeley site. Contact us at 800-791-2110 or csa@fullbellyfarm.com.

Available Items:




  Sun Dried Peaches $5/half-pound bag. (Sold Out

  Sun Dried Apricots – $5/half-pound bag. (Sold Out






  Walnuts  – $10/1-lb bag. 







  Almonds – $12/1-lb bag.







Almond Butter – Creamy or Crunchy – $15/1-lb jar. Nothin’ but lightly roasted nuts!  Please ask about bulk orders.







  Flavored Almonds – Garlic & Herbs (Sold Outor Tamari  – $7/half-pound bag.







Popcorn – $4/pound bag (Sold Out)







Bloody Butcher Cornmeal – $4/one and a half pounds 







Iraqi Durum Wheat Flour – $3/one and a half pounds







Iraqi Durum Wheat Berries – $3/2 pounds







Tomato Sauce – $12/ 12 oz. jar 







  Safflower Oil – 500 or 250mL bottles – $15/ 500mL or $10/ 250mL (Sold Out)







Full Belly Farm Gift Basket – Assorted treats from Full Belly Farm – $50. Please let us know if you have a preference on items.







Full Belly Farm T-Shirts – Heather Grey, Heather Red, Heather Turquoise, Heather Blue, or Heather Purple, sizes XS – XL. Made with American  Apparel Supersoft Ts. $20/shirt  (includes sales tax).






  Cotton Bags (12 x 15 inches) – $8 for 5 bags (includes sales tax).







Organic Wool – 4oz skein – $10/ skein (10 or more, $9/ skein) (includes sales tax).


Pomegranate Juice – $7/pint or $13/quart. Sorry, NO home delivery or shipping. 

Apple Juice – $7/half-gallon or $4/quart. Sorry, NO home delivery or shipping. (Sold Out)

Soup/ Stew Chickens – Approx. 4 lbs great for making broth, soup or stew. They are $11 each, delivered frozen to select CSA sites. Please contact Becky – becky@fullbellyfarm.com(Sold Out)

Organic Wool Yarn

Natural Sheepskins

Organic Roving For Spinning