Today’s CSA Box | Week of January 20, 2020

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Recipe of the Week

Potato Leek Soup


8 cups chicken or vegetable broth, or water

all the potatoes from your box, cut into large pieces

all the leeks from your box, white and light green parts only, thoroughly washed and sliced into 1/4” rounds

3 stalks celery, roughly chopped

1 bay leaf

1 1/2 teaspoons fresh thyme

salt and pepper

1 cup heavy cream


Put the stock or water, potatoes, leeks, celery, bay leaf and thyme in a large pot and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Boil gently until the potatoes are soft (15 - 20 minutes). Remove the bay leaf. Using an immersion blender or in batches in a food processor, blend the soup until smooth. Pour the soup into a medium pot, add the cream and simmer until the soup has thickened, about 20 minutes. Adjust the salt and pepper.

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This Week's CSA Box

Veggie Tips 

Carrots:  Not much more to be said about these other than that they are DELICIOUS!


Navel Oranges: 5- and 10-pound bags are available and can be added on to your veggie box order.


Bok Choi: See the Greens section of our recipe archives.  How about something simple like Bok Choi with Garlic Sauce?


Wild Mustard:  This mustard looks a lot like Broccoli Raab.  It is a great choice to put into a stew or a soup on a winter’s evening.


Leeks:  Potatoes and Leeks together in the same box!  Sounds like potato-leek soup! See our Recipe of the Week.




New Potatoes: These new potatoes have tender skins that do not need to be peeled but can be scuffed up easily.  We grow delicious, creamy varieties.  See our Recipe of the Week.