CSA Member’s Info

Orders and Pickup


Please make sure that we have your payment four (4) days before delivery. Credit card payments can be called in (800-791-2110) or you can mail us a check. Mail to Guinda can be slow so we recommend that you mail your check ten (10) days in advance to avoid interruption in your service.

Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Payments

You can pay for one month, one quarter, or the whole year at a time, starting whenever is convenient. You don’t have to order for every week. You can order for every other week for example, or omit weeks in a month when you will be away.

Email Reminders

If we have your e-mail address, we will remind you by e-mail of an upcoming payment two weeks before your last scheduled delivery. Of course these e-mail reminders are voluntary, let us know if you don’t want them.

Date of Your Last Scheduled Delivery

You can find out the date of your last scheduled delivery by checking the sign-in sheet at your pickup location.

How Much To Pay

The regular prices of the boxes are $18 each (minimum of 4 boxes is $72). If you pay in advance for 13 boxes, the price is discounted to $16.50 per box ($214.50 for 13 weeks). To qualify for the quarterly discount, you must pay for at least 12 weeks with one check. An additional discount is given if you pay for the whole year at one time. Annual payment is $16 per box for 48 weeks for a total of $768.

Writing Out Your Check

Checks are made out to Full Belly Farm. If the name on your check is different from the one on our membership list, please write the list name on the check so we know you are from the same household. We appreciate if you also write your pick-up day and location on the check.

Omitting Weeks or Canceling an Order

You can skip a weekly order if you notify us five (4) days before the delivery day and we will move that box to the end of your current order. (Note: No skipping weeks for annual payers.) If you’re going away on vacation, or if you can’t pick up your box for any other reason, think about asking a friend to pick up and sample the box! You can also donate to the Good Food Community Fund (see below).

Bag Your Veggies

When you pick up your veggies, please bring a large bag or other container to carry your vegetables home. The green plastic boxes are valuable and we need them back! Please leave them at your pick-up site – don’t take them home. Thank you!

Check the Delivery List

Check that your name is on the delivery list before you take your vegetables. If your name is not there, we did not harvest vegetables for you, and possibly we did not receive your check in time for the order. Please do not take a box if there is no order for you at the pick-up place, and the vegetables are supposed to go to someone else. Contact us to straighten things out.

Please Be On Time

We cannot guarantee that your vegetables will be at the pick-up location beyond the stated times. See the Neighborhood Delivery Sites list for times. We distribute any boxes that have not been picked up, so we cannot give you vegetables or a credit for the order. Out of courtesy to our hosts at the neighborhood sites, please keep to the designated pick-up times.

Full Belly Farm Good Food Community Fund

With the help of our members, the Full Belly CSA program is able to donate CSA boxes to The Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic in Oakland. This clinic is a licensed primary care facility that serves low-income women with cancer. The Clinic provides free therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, massage and Chinese and western herbs. An in-home comfort care program is available for clients with end-stage cancer who are too weak to come to the Clinic. The post-treatment program treats and supports women who have completed their allopathic treatments. For more information about the Clinic, visit their web site at www.charlottemaxwell.org.

Every week, Full Belly harvests five boxes for the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic. The generous contributions and volunteer effort of our CSA members make this program possible. You can include a box donation when you pay for your boxes, or you can tell us to donate a box when you are going on vacation. (Note: Please give us 5 days notice if you wish to donate your box to our Good Food Program.)

Please consider supporting this program. Your donations go directly to provide food for low income women suffering from cancer who might otherwise not have healthy food options. Your donation will make a difference in their lives.

Farmers Markets

We are at these local farmers markets, come visit us! For directions to the farmers markets, and other places you can find us, visit our Where you Can Find Us page.

Berkeley: Tuesday 2-7PM (April to October) or 2-6PM (November to March) at Adeline & 63rd Street, just South of Alcatraz.

Palo Alto: Saturday 8AM-Noon (May to December) at Hamilton Avenue and Gilman Street.

San Rafael: Thursday 8AM-1PM at Marin Civic Center. 

Guinda: Friday 2-6PM at Full Belly Farm.

Walking Tours

Walking Tours of Full Belly Farm are available several times throughout the year, providing a glimpse of the many different seasonal activities that take place on the farm. The tour is approximately 1 & 1/2 hour long and may involve walking in mud, jumping across a ditch or two or exposure to all kinds of farm animals and insects. The tours will not be cancelled in the case of rain, and in the summer, the sun can be very hot. So bring practical shoes, a water bottle, a hat and other appropriate gear!

CSA members are free, non-members are $10, kids 12 and under are free. The tours will leave from the main Full Belly office area at 11:00 sharp. Please send your reservation and questions to Hallie.

Member Events

We hold annual events that are for our CSA members only- a chance for our big farm family to get together, celebrate good food, and for the farmers to thank our CSA family for their support! 

These events will be announced in the farm newsletter- keep your eyes open for them!